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The Chronicler sees every event as important because an event leads to another event, making history to run endlessly as a waterfall. At Asamankese, the Holy Spirit in His wisdom turned African events into a Christian Church for Africans. That Christ the  healer, deliverer, peace- maker, friend of the poor and the marginalized is made relevant to the African context (a context which is characterized by poverty, injustice, disease, sicknesses, oppression, and marginalization of women). The Christ Apostolic Church International was born and nurtured out of the sequence of events and activities which started with Apostle Peter Newman Anim.

The chronicle of notable events that unearthed and fully developed the Christ Apostolic Church international are as follow: 1890, February 4 – Apostle P.N. Anim, the founding patriarch of the Church was born. 1917– Anim learnt about divine healing from the Faith Tabernacle Church in Philadelphia, USA through their famous magazine “The Sword of the Spirit.”
1921 – Anim received healing by Faith from
his chronic ulcer he had battled since infancy with compounded guinea worm infestation. 1921-1922 – Anim’s prayer group “Unity prayer Group” became powerful after his healing in 1921. Their prayers, fasting and healing meetings held on Tuesday and Friday were full of people from surrounding towns and villages.

1922 – The Church was fully developed and affiliated with the Faith Tabernacle Church.
1922–The National Headquarters was opened at Asamankese
1923 – The first temple of the Church now popularly called the Holy Ghost Temple, was built at Asamankese.
May 1923 – The Holy Spirit manifested in the form of flaming Fire on the roof of the newly built temple.
1926 –1,000 copies of the CAC Twi Hymnal were compiled and published by Brother Timothy Adu in Germany.
1930 –The Church got affiliated with Apostolic Faith Evangelical organization of Portland Oregon, U.S.A.
August 31-September 12, 1932–Mass
baptism of the Holy Ghost occurred during the revival service. This period has become a landmark celebration by the Church as Holy Ghost Dispensation Week.
1935–Upon the invitation of Anim, Pastor G. Perfect who was on his way to England from Nigeria, visited and stayed in Asamankese for a fortnight.

1935 – The visit of Pastor G. Perfect led to the Church affiliating with Apostolic Church, Bradford UK and also adopting the name.

1937 – Upon the request of Anim, Pastor James McKeown was sent by Apostolic Church, Britain to Gold Coast and was met on arrival by Anim who accompanied Pastor Mckeown from Accra to Asamankese on 4 March 1937.
May 1937 –  Pastor James McKeown was infected with Malaria and taken to the hospital which was against the belief of the Church leading to a misunderstanding between the Church hierarchy and Pastor Mckeown.
1 9 3 9  –  Pa s t o r J a m e s M c Ke o w n l e f t Asamankese and relocated to Winneba.

1939 – At a prayer session at Pepeadze in the Central Region, the Holy Spirit directed Anim to prefix Apostolic Church with “Christ”. The Church became known as “Christ Apostolic Church”.
1950 – Akim Oda was declared as the Missionary Headquarters for the Church. Asamankese remained the National Headquarters.
1953 – 5,000 copies of the CAC Twi Hymnal were published by Brother Timothy Adu again in Germany.
1955–Pastor P. H. Yeboah seceded from the Church to join the New Day Church.
1957 – Anim was “forced” into pre-mature retirement as Head and Spiritual Leader of C.A.C.
1960 – Anim was re-instated but as Spiritual Leader and Executive Life President of CAC. 1982– The Headquarters of the Christ Apostolic Church was again moved from Teshie to Osu, Accra.
1984 – Apostle P.N. Anim, the founder of the Church passed on to eternal glory
1986 – A terrible car accident claimed the lives of a former Chairman and the General Secretary of the Church, Apostle D. B. Amoani, and Pastor S. B. Attuah respectively.
1986 – Apostle Augustine Annor-Yeboah became the thirteenth General Secretary of the Church.
1987 – Apostle S. K. Asare was elected the Chairman of the Church.
1989 – The second major secession, after
1939 under Pastor James McKeown, happened at Bantama, Kumasi under Rev. De-Graft Joe Amanful.

2003–Apostle Augustine Annor – Yeboah broke away from C.A.C. Int. to form Christian Praise International Centre (CPIC).