The General Administration Department will perform all general administrative services and is headed by an Administrator who shall be appointed by the Executive Council to provide technical and professional assistance to the Executive Council to coordinate the activities of the Departments, Units and Secretariats of Directors and report to the General Secretary.


The Accounts Department is to assist the Executive Council in the preparation of Budget proposals and
Financial Statements as well as be responsible for the preparation of Pay Vouchers and keep records on all financial transactions of the Church. It will in collaboration with the Finance and Investment Standing Committee explore investment opportunities and advise the Executive Council on such opportunities.


The Internal Audit Department exists to audit pay vouchers, outflows and carry out intermittent general internal audits at the Headquarters, Territories, Areas, Circuits and Local Assemblies. The Internal Auditor shall in conjunction with the Finance and Investment Standing Committee prepare internal control systems to ensure proper management of the finances of the Church.

The Legal Department shall advise the Church on all legal matters including proper acquisition of
properties, execution of contracts and employment related issues. It shall represent the Church in court and or any adjudicating body. It shall perform other legal functions that may be referred to it by the Executive Council. Every Local, Circuit, Area or Territory having any legal issue concerning landed properties, secession, integration with other churches, marriages, inheritance etc. shall promptly refer the matter to the Executive Council for the attention of the Legal Department for an advice and prompt action. The Legal Department in consultation with the Executive Council may organize training sessions for Ministers and other Church workers on basic legal issues.


The Human Resources Department shall in conjunction with the Executive Council be responsible for recruitment, training, promotion and general welfare of Workers of the Church.It shall be responsible for the safe custody of all employment records of Workers. It shall conduct annual appraisal and or assessment of all staff. It shall seek the welfare of staff. It shall in consultation with the Executive Council
design the job descriptions of staff. It shall regularly apprise the Executive Council on existing vacancies.


The Procurement Department exists to prepare Annual Procurement Plans as well as implement procurement schedules for all projects. It also undertakes and or advises on the procurement of all materials and equipment for all projects in the Church.


The IT Department shall be responsible for directing the Church in the strategic, tactical and operational
use of IT. It shall design, install and maintain the Church’s Network Systems and Services. It shall collect, store, analyse and disseminate the Church’s data and information to the appropriate Department, Unit, staff or member. It shall be responsible for Network and Data Security. It shall design, develop, deploy and maintain tailored software applications for the Church. It shall design, develop, host and maintain the Church’s website. It shall specify, install, configure and maintain IT hardware, software and supplies. It shall install and maintain the Church’s telephone networks. It shall develop and implement network user policies. It shall design and offer or recommend IT training for staff and members. It shall provide user support for staff. It shall be the Church’s Point of Contact or Liaison with external IT service providers.

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