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General Administration

Behind every successful organization, there is a competent body of administration. This is no different from our church. We have several administrative departments working behind the scenes to ensure the church runs well and within the framework of the state regulations.

Human Resource

The Human Resources Department in conjunction with the Executive Council is responsible for the recruitment, training, promotion, and general welfare of Workers of the Church. It is responsible for the safe custody of all employment records of Workers.

It conducts annual appraisals and or assessments of all staff. It seeks the welfare of staff in consultation with the Executive Council


Account Department

The Accounts Department assists the Executive Council in the preparation of Budget proposals and Financial Statements. It is also responsible for the preparation of Pay Vouchers and keeps records on all financial transactions of the Church. It collaboration with the Finance and Investment Standing Committee explore investment opportunities and advise the Executive Council on such opportunities.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department exists to audit pay vouchers, and outflows and carry out intermittent general internal audits at the Headquarters, Territories, Areas, Circuits, and Local Assemblies. The Internal Auditor in conjunction with the Finance and Investment Standing Committee prepares internal control systems to ensure proper management of the finances of the Church.

Legal Department

The Legal Department advises the Church on all legal matters including proper acquisition of properties, and employment-related issues. It represents the Church in court and or any adjudicating body. Every Local, Circuit, Area, or Territory having any legal issue concerning landed properties, secession, integration with other churches, marriages, inheritance, etc.

General Administration


The General Administration Department performs all general administrative duties. The General Administration is headed by an Administrator whom the Executive Council appoints to provide technical and professional assistance to the Executive Council. The Administrator also coordinates the activities of all Departments, Units, and Secretariats and reports to the General Secretary.



This department exists to facilitate the acquisition of land and landed properties as well as to undertake land documentation and processing of land titles, development and building permits, and other instruments. To keep a register and records of landed properties and other assets of the Church. To undertake the coding and inventorisation of all Church properties. To advise the Church on all capital and rental values of properties for sale, purchase, mortgage, and rental purposes.


Undertake and ensure the execution of development projects of the Church. Ensure the preparation of building and other development plans or designs including work plans for the execution of projects.

Ensure the maintenance of all Church properties including carrying out repairs of buildings, fittings, and fixtures. Ensure the preparation of bidding or tender documents and supervision of any bidding and tendering process on behalf of or within the Church.