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The General Council is the highest law and policy-making body of the Church vested with the final authority to deliberate and make broad policies and decisions for the administration of the Church per the Constitution.



It is comprised all Executive Council members, all full-time Ministers, Territorial Administration members, Area Administration members, Three (3) representatives (Elders/Deacons/ Deaconesses) from each Area who shall be nominated by the Area Administration, at least one of whom shall be a woman, Two (2) representatives from each Ministry at the national level, Representatives from both Foreign and Domestic Missions as may be determined by the Executive Council, Heads of Department at the Head Office, Heads of all Subsidiaries or their representatives, as observers, Representatives from the Retired Ministers Association to participate but without voting rights, and Other Observers who may be invited by the Executive Council. The Executive Council may regulate the number of persons to attend General Council meetings.

Meetings and Quorum

The General Council meets at least once yearly to discuss all matters affecting the general welfare of the church and its members. However, emergency meetings may be convened when the need arises. Unless otherwise stated, all decisions are made by a simple majority present and voting.

Unless otherwise stated, General Council meetings are held in the year’s first quarter. The Chairman of the Church shall preside over General Council meetings, except where he has traveled or is temporarily unavailable, in which case he shall appoint one of the elected members of the Executive Council to preside.