“You called wrong person to speak” – Fmr. General Secretary of CACI says as he tells NPP bitter truth (video)

The mannerism and facial expression of some of the New Patriotic Party’s leading members at the thanksgiving service of its 30th anniversary compelled the guest pastor to issue a disclaimer, saying: “Maybe you called the wrong person to speak.”The former General Secretary of Christ Apostolic Church, Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Osei Kwabena Donkor, was speaking at the event at the University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA) auditorium when he decided to get blunt with the party members, including President Akufo-Addo who was also in attendance.He was speaking to the congregation about how unity is a necessity for the growth of the NPP and the country at large, saying the lack of it would have a snowball effect on the country’s development.

“What language do you have? Is it a selfish language or a language that will develop the nation of Ghana?” the man of God asked, saying: “If our focus is for ourselves, only I, me, myself, at the end of the day, we will fail and the nation will fail.”

“If you have the men, without unity you don’t have the might. Listen, because if the men are there and the men are not united, they will not give you their brains. The party will suffer and the nation will suffer,” he added, drawing loud applause from the congregation, with some people seen nodding in agreement with the message.

However, the facial expression and the mannerism of some of some top officials of the party seated in the front row, to the message of the pastor and the rousing reaction of the congregation compelled him to wonder if he was speaking against or for the party.

“Maybe you called the wrong person to speak today,” Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Osei Kwabena Donkor is heard saying in a video that has gone viral and sparked numerous reactions among Ghanaians, most of whom say that the pastor hit the nail right on the head.

The theme of the party’s event was: “NPP@30: Our shared tradition, holding and working together for a stable and prosperous nation.”

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