The Mission Of The Church Is Non- Negotiable, No Matter What! ( Isa. 55:11; Hab. 2:2-3)

▪︎ “Write the vision on a tablet, make it plain, run with it for it will surely happen”— Hab. 2:2-3,

▪︎ When CAC in Ghana and CAC in Nigeria broke their relationship with the Faith Tabernacle Church in Phildelaphia, USA, these two West African sister Churches entered into a relationship as African brethren from 1931.

▪︎ The members of these two Churches could attend each other’s programmes freely.

▪︎ The Gold Coast CAC members could go to Lagos and Nigerians also could come to the Gold Coast to attend conventions.

▪︎ Eighty years (80) ago in 1931, one Nigerian prophet at Asamankese spoke a prophecy concerning Christ
Apostolic Church, that He (God) had made a covenant with the Christ Apostolic Church.

▪︎ That He would send a White missionary to the Gold Coast to help them to spread the Gospel.

▪︎ The prophecy was in two parts:

(1) God’s part

(2) The Church’s part in the Covenant

▪︎ Every CACI Apostle, Pastor, elder, women leaders, Youth CASA and all members who can read and write must therefore study the contents of this famous prophecy.

▪︎ Some Churches who knew of this prophecy have adopted the build their Churches.

(There is nothing wrong with that).

▪︎ Every Church can drink from this prophecy to do a marvellous work for Christ, but CAC members must know better, because it is a divine heritage for the Church and for our Christian growth and development.

▪︎ God’s Part

This is how the prophecy unfolded:

▪︎ “That says the Lord of host, it is not because of how few you are in membership, but according to my divine purpose and goodwill for my Church.

▪︎ That God through Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit would raise a nation out of Africa, that would be a
spearhead and light to the world and herald the second coming of Jesus Christ.

▪︎ That the Gold Coast had been chosen to fulfil this eternal will and purpose of God.

▪︎ That God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit would accomplish this through Apostle P.N. Anim and his team.

▪︎ And subsequent leaders, who would come to help the group in future, the group which through many trials, tribulationsand persecutions would be nurtured, protected, and grow up spiritually numerically, and would become a great Pentecostal Church which would send missionaries from the country, the Gold Coast to other parts of Africa and the world as a whole.

▪︎ That it would make disciples for the coming Christ, while God would call men out, according to His own choice from time to time.

▪︎ That the Supreme God in His own power would ensure that no weapon that formed against the Church prosper, and any tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement it shall be condemned, for this is the Heritage of the servants of the Lord and the Righteousness of Him says the Lord.

▪︎ That God woul meet the Church’s financial problems in season and out of season for all others to acknowledge that His divine Presence, Blessings, and Glory are in the Church.

▪︎ That He would pour abundant Gifts on both men and women.

▪︎ That God from time to time would prune and purge His Church of all Parasites, Pests, Personality cults, false doctrines, social and religious evils to make her Holy and Radiant to portray His divine presence and glory in her spiritual and physical performances, in order, to avoid spiritual decline and apostasy.

. The Church’s part:

▪︎ That the Church would know and understand His ways and obey His voice and commandments

▪︎….and that the Church would keep herself holy, blameless and pure.

▪︎ That the Church is not to love and learn the things of the world nor its ways.

▪︎For His ways are different from the ways of the world. Therefore, she should not imitate worldliness or any form of religious sects, organisations, or Church for He has chosen the Church to be Holy, Religious, Faithful, Humble and Obedient.

▪︎ That she should be a different model and a peculiar people to show forth His Divine Virtues to angels.

▪︎ That the Church should not be coveteous, money-minded, arrogant, selfish, proud and stubborn in her ways.

▪︎ That in order to have a pure, disciplined and Holy Church to stand the test of time, HOLINESS should
be her watchword throughout her life time on earth.

▪︎ That the Church should not own any man, borrow or seek financial aid, loan or grant from anywhere as God is her Riches, Treasury, and that He also is able to sustain the Church for all her needs.

▪︎ That the resources that would be divinely provided by God must be well managed so that Satan by his evil ploy would not hinder the optimal use of these resources to his advantage.

▪︎That the Church should remember not to labour in evil deeds and with evil people among its membership, rebuke, discipline and restore backslidders in the spirit of love, compassion and patience.

▪︎ For if the Church hearkens to His voice and obey His precepts, the members would be blessed among their peers (End of prophecy)

The prophecy is true and every member of CACI must reconsider it as our heritage. Although it was partially fulfilled, when Apostle James McKeown, a White missionary from UK arrived at Asamakese 6 years after the prophecy. But a lot has to be seen, because the seed of the prophesy shall never die.


Let us all support the National Executive Council members, as God has spoken that He would use them to accomplish marvellous works in the prophecy. Again , let all members eschew sin and walk in holiness, Amen.

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