Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also who hate him flee before him ( Psalm 68:1-3)

▪︎ But His spiritual leaders of the Church are fearful and timid..

▪︎ God compared the spiritual watch men of Israel to …..

▪︎….sleeping, dumb dogs who cannot bark and bite, who like lying down comfortably and idly to rest (Isa. 56:10).

▪︎ So is the Church. It is becoming a timid institution of God.

▪︎A chief compromiser….

▪︎ Isaiah said, when God announced to all beasts of the field to come and devour Israel the dogs could not bark and challenge them.

▪︎Timid dogs always have their tails between their legs and show a clean pair of heels from their enemies.

▪︎ Would the spiritual leaders of the Church— Apostles, Popes, Fathers, Arc- bishops, pastors, elders, etc

▪︎ The GPCC, Christian Council, others and other religious organisations continue as timid dogs and fail to bark and address evils in society and right inside the Church?

▪︎ Would the spiritual leaders of the Church Universal Church feel ashamed to make Jesus name known in the world no matter what?

▪︎ When Covid 19 pandemic hit humanity, the World Health Organization (WHO) took the center stage to heal the world…..

▪︎ But we scarcely heard from the World Council of Churches about what Jesus could do about Corona Virus.

▪︎ The World Church Body (W.C.C) with its headquarters at Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland acted insignificantly to honour THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AS THE HEALER OF ALL NATIONS.

▪︎ The Lord wasn’t honoured before men, so He could not also honour His name through the World Council of Churches to the world.

▪︎ Vaccines became more popular in the hearts of even Christians more than Jesus’ Name.

▪︎ Vaccine is excellent but where is the faith of our apostolic fathers?

Where is Anim?
Where is Saint Francis D’ Assissi?
Where is Charles Finneney?

▪︎ Yes, in as much as we appreciate our scientific, God remain the number one healer of the world.

▪︎ Though the modern scholar and scientist sees God’s power as something if the ancient past……….

▪︎ The deceive their souls to shame…

▪︎ In Ghana, Christ Apostolic Church International (C.A.C.I.) was the first Church which, by faith, stepped
out publicly to declare Jesus power over Covid 19 at a Nationwide prayer meeting on 13th March, 2020 at the Black Star Square (Independence Square), Accra (Superb).

▪︎ As the Church displays much ignorance about Jesus’ name….

▪︎ …. so Moses and Paul, initially, displayed their ignorance, about the names of God, the Father and Son

Moses filled with Egyptian philosophies displayed ignorance about God’s name:….

▪︎” …. When I come unto the children of Israel……….and they shall say unto, me, what is his name? What shall I say unto them? ( Exo. 3:13)

▪︎ God said to Moses ” I AM THAT I AM” Tell them ” I AM” has sent me. ( Exo. 3:14)

▪︎ The blind ignorant Paul asked, ” Who thou art, Lord? ( Acts 9:5a)

▪︎ The Lord told him, ” I am Jesus whom thou persecuteth ….” ( Acts 9:5b).

Many Christians like poor Moses, after all the miracles God showed to him in the desert of Midian complained:
” …. O my Lord I am not eloquent……I am down of speech, and of a slow tongue” ( Exo. 4:10). But our patient and caring God answered Moses:
“…. who hath made man’s mouth? or who hath made the dumb or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? Have I not the Lord?

The Church must not be a dumb, sleepy and idle Dog about what Jesus has given to us to do. Let us make Him known to the world through word and deeds. The Church must develop human lives on earth and bark at evil and bite Satan as a wild dog.

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