Ants are self-starters, they don’t wait for someone to tell them what to do.

• They work tirelessly.and have superhuman strength to work

▪︎ Myrmecology is the scientific study of ants.

▪︎The one who studies ant’s life is myrmecologist.

▪︎ King Solomon was a scientist, a myrmecologist, who studied ants.

▪︎ He advised his son to learn wisdom from the ants …..

▪︎….in the areas of excellent strategic planning, focusing, organizational skills, division of labour and hard work.

▪︎ Solomon was sensitive to matters of life, a great thinker, student of nature and intelligent observer.

▪︎ When Christians are insensitive, dull and careless, it means they don’t read neither do they observe and study anything well.

▪︎ When Churches are:
— lizard-like
— frog-like
— and ostrich-like………

▪︎ they don’t care and they are not worried……

▪︎ Solomon says a lazy Church must go to Pastor Ant and the Ant Church to learn……

▪︎ Go to the ant, you sluggard, observe its ways and be wise ( Pro.6:6)

▪︎ Wisdom is not sold and, so no one can buy it from the market.

▪︎ Go to God’s Professors of wisdom, the ANTS

▪︎ Ants are very small creatures, but with their huge wisdom they can awe you to the max.


▪︎ Ants sleep one minute at a time and wake up to work.– Amaaaaaazing!!!!!!

▪︎ That’s ants take 250 naps ( ie short sleep) to rest in a day. Each nap or sleep takes one minute.
The ant then wakes up to work.

▪︎ You sleep too much before God.

▪︎ That is why you are poor. Not wise enough to make enough money and do great things for your family and Church.

▪︎ In total, every ant sleeps for 4 hours 48 minutes in a day and the remaining time is for work.

▪︎ Ants care for only two important things in life—- food and water.

▪︎ Ants are not as greedy as humans.

▪︎ But if we have food and clothing, let’s be content with that ( 1Tim 6:8)

▪︎ Ants do not have ears to listen to “nonsense” from the world.

▪︎ Yet they communicate among themselves.

▪︎ You may learn from the ants by blocking your ears from what you hear.

▪︎ That’s why ants are so focused and successful as a wise community

▪︎ In the ant colony no one is idle, everyone has something to do

▪︎ In the ant colony, big- headed ants are soldiers. Their mandibles ( teeth) are big for battle

▪︎… and small headed ants are workers and theirmandibles are small for work.

▪︎ In the Christian faith nobody must stay idle inChurch.

▪︎ No ant is lazy, idle walker.

▪︎ Everybody must work, particularly, as a soul winner and a trainer of those you win to also become soldiers to win others.

▪︎ Start today. Pick a new convert and take it upon yourself to develop them

▪︎ Note still: In Christianity, we have the big- headed anointing men and women to crush
Satan and save souls.

Christians have a lot to learn from this wise community where planning is never taken for granted. Where there is absolute orderliness and the kingdom is peaceful and joyful.


What type of Christian are you and what Church do you attend? The foolish ostrich one, with no disciple- making mind? the busy-body lizard, with no disciple- making mind? the lazy frog, with no disciple- making mind? Or the strong disciple- maker, the eagle? the bold disciple-maker, the lion? and the wise disciple-maker, the ant?. I advise you, finally, to reject three of them and accept three of them.

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