Growing up in his native Asueyi, a village near Techiman in today’s Bono Region, George Yeboah determined that his purpose in life was to help nurture plants and animals to grow healthily and abundantly for the nourishment of the bodies of mankind.

To accomplish his destiny, George, born March 28, 1960, set himself on the course of becoming an Agricultural Extension Officer- a profession that would enable him to aid many farmers to produce a harvest so bountiful and far reaching. It was, therefore, all excitement when he received a Diploma Certificate, in 1984, from the Agricultural College at Ejura in the Ashanti Region, and after a year of practical training he got employed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

But that was not God’s will for His servant because He needed George to rescue souls and guide them to live godly and fruitful lives on earth, while their souls were nurtured for glorious living in heaven.

This message came to George in many a prophecy and wise counsel but he was deeply set on his prime mission: to serve the physical needs of man. And this was not because he did not know His maker, or that he took the things of God lightly.

Grandma Akua Brago, a peasant farmer, whom George and his younger brother lived with until they turned 13 and 11, respectively, had done a very good job giving them the Catholic Christian values they needed to stay out of trouble. They embraced the training of the woman they thought was their biological mother and studied hard, regardless of the subsistence living they had to endure, to outperform their classmates at their Asueyi L.A. Basic School.

Their staunch Methodist parents, Stephen Kofi Yeboah and Anna Manu, both of blessed memory, were then living at Techiman with their three other siblings.

At a very young age, George knew he loved God, and was fortunate enough to hang around some Pentecostal fire-brand young adults with similar devotion – so at 12 years, one of them led him to say the sinner’s prayer and accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

There was always this compulsion in his heart to pray and so in obedience, he kept his flame alight with all-night prayers, fasting and evangelism, and it just thrilled him to remain in the true vine.

One day in 1982, while George was praying on the Asueyi Mountain (now the site of Our Holy Cross Calvary Grotto- Church) the Holy Spirit led him to the church God wanted him to attend – Christ Apostolic Church – International (CACI).

“I had been praying there for some time and I was so unkempt, but I went straight into the service,” he states. “I felt so much relief once I became a member of the Church”.

Before the Mountain incident, he had accompanied his mother, on occasions, to attend prayer sessions at the local CAC Techiman. One of his spirit filled friends, Joshua, was a member of the church and sometimes invited him to their services.

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