National Good Women Ministry

There shall be established Women Ministry to organize the women in the Church to promote their spiritual, mental and social well-being. The Women Ministry shall comprise the Good Women Ministry and Young Ladies for Christ Ministry.

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As part of the National Programme of the Good Women Ministry, Tuesday, 17th August, 2021 was set aside for all the Women to meet on Territorial Level. However, due to the restrictions on the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is recommended that the meeting should be organized on Circuit or Zonal Levels.

The Women’s Meeting is under the theme, “PREPARATION TOWARDS MARRIAGE AND BEYOND”.

In view of the theme, the young ladies are encouraged to participate fully in the programme.

It must be emphasized that the Executive Council attaches great importance to this programme. Therefore, the Good Women Ministry Area Management Members are entreated to collaborate with their respective Area Administrations to ensure that the programme is effectively organized on Circuit or Zonal Levels to the glory of God.


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