I want to counsel the over 2.382 billion (31%) Christians on earth on the following:

1) If any pastor or prophet or prophetess tells you

▪︎ Your mother is a witch…
▪︎ Your father is a wizard…
▪︎ Your sister is a witch….
▪︎ Your brother is wizard
▪︎ Your wife is a witch
▪︎ Your husband is a wizard
▪︎ Your child is a wizard,
etc, etc, etc

▪︎Such pastors or prophets and prophetesses commit serious biblical errors and are very naive about the Great Commission…..

▪︎ They’re not trained theologians with adequate Biblical wisdom.

▪︎ They don’t know how valuable the soul of the sinner is to God.

▪︎ And they don’t respect the Gospel. Shun them and pray yourself and study the Bible….

▪︎ Either they are ignorant or they are African magicians.

▪︎ Anointing without biblical knowledge and wisdom turn out to be supersttion

▪︎ The true man of God is tight-lipped on spiritual matters and speaks in wisdom and in due season….

▪︎ They call people and speak to them about their salvation first and advise them wisely in the secret
about their problems….

▪︎Jesus did not send us to go and disgrace people publicly by saying to them:

1) you’re a witch “do I lie?”
2) you killed so so and so!
3) you are causing your husbands downfall. Isn’t it true?
4) your mother is making you barren….
5) your father has sold your womb…..
6) Your sisters make you drink too much alcohol, etc, etc

All these statements and accusations are not good biblical practices and do not take people to heaven….

These accusations do not take anybody anywhere. They are useless.

Pure faith in Christ saves humans from demonism and death and not pointing peoples withcraft practises.

■ Don Moen, the great musician composed a perfect hymn on Christ that
Read and listen:

— My Faith Has Found A Resting Place.
▪︎ My faith has found a resting place Not in device nor creed I trust the ever-living One
His wounds for me shall plead

▪︎Enough for me that Jesus saves. This ends my fear and doubt. A sinful soul I come to Him.
He will never cast me out

▪︎ I need no other argument I need no other plea. It is enough that Jesus died. And that He died for me

▪︎ May heart is leaning on the Word. The living Word of God Salvation by my Saviour’s name Salvation thru His blood

▪︎ I need no other argument.I need no other plea
It is enough that Jesus died for me…..
▪︎ Let African pastors and prophets/ Prophetess stop their ” magic-like ministries”

▪︎ “The witcraft blame” “Demons are coming”, “Satan is speaking” “Dwarfs are here and there”

▪︎ They are all fuss and farce. It is not Christianity but African magic

▪︎It is always Biblically correct to disciple the sinful soul for Christ… ( Matt. 28:20)

▪︎ Satan is the most powerless creature before the blood of Jesus Christ (Rev. 12:11)

▪︎ Demons are powerless creatures before the name of Jesus Christ (Luke 10:21)

▪︎ Withcraft is powerless at the mention of Jesus Christ name (Phi.2:9-10)

Satan is not important to you. Demons are not important to you and Witches are not important to you. The sinner is important to you to save them for Christ.


Christians must not worry themselves about who is a witch or who is a wizard and what Satan can do. Love Jesus; love the sinner and disciple them. Jesus will protect you all the time. All that human beings need is Jesus Christ.

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