Apostle George Yeboah (Chairman), has called on Ghanaians to pursue righteousness, without which they cannot experience the power of God in their lives. “As a nation let us all pursue righteousness and forsake sin so that the country will experience the peace and blessings of God this year,” he said.

Apostle Yeboah made the call when he launched this year’s theme for the CACI at a ceremony held at the Anim Temple at the Osu headquarters of the church in Accra. The theme, “RIGHTEOUNESS EXULTS A NATION” will be the focus of the clergy this year to inculcate the values of righteousness into the church members to be chaste as required by God. These teachings will enable the church members pursue righteousness in all forms of their pursuit as children of God, he indicated.

He pointed out that righteousness is significant for the progress of any nation as well as the church, to attract the necessary blessings of God. Every year the executive council chooses a theme that is in consonance with the scriptures and practices of the church which it pursues.

Choosing the theme from Proverb chapter 14 verses 34, Apostle Yeboah said any nation that does not pursue righteousness will not see the goodness of God and that, it is the righteousness of the people that will exult the nation for the needed economic growth, peace and tranquility.

The Chairman said it is only the righteousness of God which is the perfect one, and that is what God himself expects mankind to pursue, and for that matter the church is strongly going to pursue it this year so that God will exult it in all spheres. He pointed out that it is the responsibility of every child of God to live in holiness for God as depicted in the scriptures, quoting from 1Peter 1:16. Apostle Yeboah indicated that the church over the years has stressed on the essence of holiness and righteousness in manifesting true Christianity and, to bring the church to its full spiritual potential.

To achieve this, the chairman urged the clergy to emphasize on holiness and righteousness to ensure strict adherence to higher Christian standards by all members of the church. Righteousness, he said is being morally justified and staying away from all evil activities that lead to sin, stating that many people practice self righteousness, performing whatever pleases them which is not of the Lord.

Aposle Yeboah added that there are also the laws of righteousness practiced by nations which are not in relation to the righteousness of God which they obey. He said homosexuality practiced in some countries is governed by such law of righteousness which the people strictly adhere to and deemed right but it is sin in the sight of God. He hoped that, with righteousness of the members, God would deliver the church from all afflictions and cause his blessings upon it.

Apostle Yeboah said since sin is the weapon the devil uses to destroy the church, he urged the members to walk in righteousness at all times so that God will be committed to be with them and pour his blessings upon them. He charged the church to continue to live righteous lives, assuring them that all afflictions that will militate against them will be surmounted by God if they walk in righteousness in all their ways.