Launch of the Generals and Unveiling of the National Youth Logo

On Saturday, April 9 2022, history was made as the National Youth Ministry Management of our dear church, with the aid of the National Executive Council successfully launched THE GENERALS, a group of LOYAL YOUNG women and men who are DEDICATED and COMMITTED to SUPPORT and FINANCE the Kingdom Business. This was the Southern Sector edition and we can’t wait to launch it in the Northern Sector on the 30th of April, 2022.Also on the day was the official unveil of our National Youth Logo and Management Information System to help and improve the administration of the Youth Ministry from the National to Local level. Expect detail of these in your Territories, Areas, Circuits and Locals soon. We say a big Thank You to all who made it to the event and also donated to the start of this noble and great feat for the ministry snd church in general, God bless us greatly.

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