Ask the LORD for rain (REVIVAL) in the spring time-- Zac.10:1

▪︎ The entire city of Nineveh received revival from God under the ministry of Jonah- Jonah 3:5-10.

▪︎ The evil empire of Babylon and its wicked king, Nebuchadnezzar came under the revival power of God (a great revival) through the ministries if Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abedeggo. (Dan.3:28–30)

▪︎ Great spiritual revival took place, when the Holy Spirit came at the Day of Pentecost. The city was shaken and three thousand souls gave their lives to Jesus (Acts 2:1-41).

▪︎ Great revival broke out in the city of ll Caesarea, starting from the house of Cornelius (Acts 10:1-8, 44–48).

▪︎ Revival hit the prison hall in the Macedonian capital of Philippi under the ministries of.Paul and Silas to convert prisoners to Christ(Acts 16:25-28)

▪︎ If revival is in a prison hall, why not in your Church? Don’t be lazy about revivals (Isa. 5:1-3)

▪︎ Some revival hit the city of Athens, when the philosophical Greeks at Areopagus listened to Paul expatiate on the person of Christ (Acts 17:22-31; 34).

▪︎ The city of Ephesus came under revival during Paul’s ministry in the city (Acts19: 11-12,18-20).

▪︎ Through Saint Paul revival came into a sinking ship, and God rescued all aboard the ship by grace ( Acts

▪︎ In the island city of Malta near Spain, for continous 3 months came under revival through Saint Paul’s healing ministry demonstrated the healing power of God (Acts 28: 8-11).

▪︎ Great revivals are not humanly engineered in the world.

▪︎ They are “heaven sent” to redeem humanity from the shackles of hell and set us free.

▪︎ However, people must desire for it.

▪︎ Great revivals are birthed out through repentance, faith, and prayer, coupled with obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. The following seven characteristics are associated with Great redemtive and spiritual revivals:


Pastors must lead their churches and communities to Great spiritual and redemptive revivals.

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  1. JT

    It is interesting that you point to the Holy Spirit being the source of the Spiritual outpouring you refere to as “revival”, but you then put the “Pastor” in the place of being the catalyst for this outpouring to happen. The Body of Christ has four other offices that are given the responsibility for the “perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry” (Eph. 4:11-12) Outpouring will come through many when the Holy Spirit is moving with His sovereign choice to “revive” the people spiritually. We do not need to limit anything God does to the “Pastor”. The gift of pastor is one that cares for the sheep. That happens after they are born again. Feeding and protecting the “sheep” is a function of dicipleship. The “Outpouring of the Spirit ” brings “the lost” into a place to be drawn by the Holy Spirit to be “born again or born from above”. Thank God He is not limited how or by whom he draws people!

    1. MDR

      JT great comment! I agree with you. I would also say that in modern Christianity the two offices of the Apostle and Prophet have been vastly overlooked and neglected. Over the past 40 years or so God has been reinstituting these officers to their place in His government. The ecclesia is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ being the Chief Cornerstone (Eph. 2:20). The interesting thing to consider is just about every account of “revival” that is noted is connected to the ministry of the Apostles or the Prophets. In the account of Cornelius, God sends the Apostle Peter to his house. I believe “revival” will sovereignly happen but it will require the church coming into the divine order of God established at the inception of His ecclesia. The offices of the Pastor, Evangelist, and Teacher operate their respective duties effectively under Apostolic Prophetic oversight. The Apostle Paul says God set in the church first Apostles and second Prophets (1 Cor. 12:28).

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