Jesus said ” To the angel (pastor) of the Church of Ephesus write:…….” Rev. 2:1

▪︎ To the ( pastors) of lizard Churches, Jesus says, I should write:….

▪︎ A Church where the Apostle, Pastor, Arc-bishop, Bishop, Prophet, etc is more popular than Jesus to the Church members…

▪︎ because he or she has not taken time to train or disciple them to know their Saviour, Jesus Christ.

▪︎ It is abomination….

▪︎ Do you attend a Church where the minister is afraid to educate the members about sin because they will leave ? ( Micah 3:8)

▪︎ Do you attend a Church where the ministers do not train or equip you to walk in holiness?

▪︎ Do you attend a Church where you are not taught or discipled to walk in the spirit? ( Gal. 5:16)

▪︎ Do you attend a Church, where you don’t hear anything about the Rapture, Heaven or where you will spend eternity with Christ? ( John 14:1-2)

▪︎ Do you attend a Church, where you still feel safe and sound to do anything evil:….
a) kill people
b) snatch peoples’ husbands.
c) snatch peoples’ wives
d) steal
e) have sexual affair with a pastor without your heart jumping in your chest and vice versa
e) have a sexual affair with elders
f) every Church leader has his or her lover in the house. etc. etc

▪︎ That is serious, eh!

▪︎ Do you also attend a Church where you do not have any good training in the spiritual disciplines?

1) Christian education, for instance:

▪︎Not baptized in water?

▪︎ Not baptized in the Holy Spirit?

▪︎ Not trained in giving tithes to Christ’s Church?

▪︎ Not taught the pastor is your spiritual head to guide you in spiritual matters?

▪︎ Not trained to support the pastor in finances and other material things:
¤ food
¤ clothing
¤ vehicles, etc

▪︎ No Sunday school programme to train you?

▪︎ No weekly Bible studies in the evenings ?

▪︎No training for a personal Bible study life?

▪︎No training for personal prayer life?

▪︎ No training in how to win others for Christ as you were won?

▪︎ Not taught the importance of the Lord’s Supper in your life, in other to attend?

▪︎ Not trained to do visitations, that’s visiting the saints?

▪︎ Not taught th importance of fellowshipping with the saints or unity with other saints?

▪︎ Not taught the importance of Church members planting churches for the mother Church?

Do you attend a lizard church or a disciple-making Church? That’s a Church that preaches Jesus Christ and him crucified (1Corth 2:2). A Church that trains or equips the saints to be like Jesus Christ. (Eph. 4:12)

 In as much as we want to prosper and socialize in the Church to be happy together, we must not lose heaven. That will be a fruitless effort in life. Rather, keep to the core mandate: "Be like Jesus" and go to heaven after all your greatness in blessings.

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