Churches encouraged to make real impacts on society

Reverend Boamah Agyekum, the Founder of the Emmanuel Community Chapel in Takoradi, says although the church has created the needed presence in the country, its impact in teaching morals seemed to be lagging.

“If we indeed have accepted Christ…we should allow his good deeds to prevail in our societies.”

Reverend Boamah Agyekum told the Ghana News Agency that the many churches in the country should help to improve discipline, morals and values and wondered why the opposite seemed to be gaining acceptance and encouraged men of God to stand up to the gospel teachings.

Reverend Agyekum said just as companies believed in discipline and respected them, Christians must be educated on the acceptable ways of Christ to live by and stop the over-concentration on prosperity messages.

“If institutional discipline is working, how come good Christian living; integrity and honesty, is being thrown to the dogs.”

Reverend Boamah Agyekum called on colleague Pastors to stand firm, “call a spade a spade and open the eyes of your followers to the true doctrine of God to save the country.”

He also advocated a multifaceted approach by all stakeholders, schools, families, religious bodies and state institutions to rethinking family life development for the betterment of the future.


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