Church History

Cocoa is to Tetteh Quarshie as Ghanaian Pentecostalism is to Anim’’ is an important statement. Before his life became a Christian testimony in the Gold Coast, Apostle Anim was once a goldsmith. He can be likened to Tetteh Quarshie, the Ghanaian blacksmith from Osu in Accra, who brought cocoa from Fernanda Po in 1879 to enrich Ghana’s economy. Tetteh Quarshie planted the cocoa at Mampong Akuapem but later the crop spread to all the forest areas in Ghana. Undeniably, Mampong Akuapem has remained the eternal place of the home of Ghana’s cocoa, yet the immense benefits have been nationwide. It is true that cocoa has made many Ghanaian farmers richer having fame, titles, awards, mansions, cars, and other properties. Children, who do not even know what cocoa trees and pods look like, have received scholarships to further their education in higher institutions in and outside Ghana.

So is Apostle P.N. Anim and the original place Asamankese. Anim planted a spiritual cocoa (Pentecostalism) at Asamankese, which has spread throughout the country to establish Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches with the Christ Apostolic Church International being their progenitor or ancestor. Through Anim’s initiative, the gospel has transformed millions of otherwise, poor lives across the length and breadth of Ghana and this was God’s own doing and may His name be praised.

Anim’s Group and their Christian Lifestyle

From 1917 Anim and his Prayer group desired to live like the early Christians in the book of Acts. They literally copied the lifestyle of the early Apostles because most members left their towns, villages and homes and settled at Asamankese to form a community known as “Faith Home” or “Faith Quarters,” where they practiced their faith, especially from 1922. Other continued to sell some of their properties to join them. They shared things in common. Some of these Faith homes or quarters were later established at Finte in the Volta region, Pepeadze, Mankessim in the central region and others. They lived closely together to enable them, at short notice, have time to:

Read the Bible together to study the Apostles’ doctrines –Josh. 1:8; Ps.1 :1,2; Acts 2 :42; Heb.10:25

Pray in the bush and at their worship centers—Matt. 4:1-4; Mk.1:35; 6:4; Lk.6:12. They established healing camps where the sick from most part of the country came for divine healing

Fast and hold all-night services. They observed this regularly.

To hold revival meetings. Their shortest revival meeting lasted for one or two weeks (with fasting), whilst the longest was between six to eight weeks. The purpose was to seek the face of God and plead with Him to repeat signs, wonders and miracles He did in the days of old, according to Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever more.

Department of Christian Education,
National Headquarters, Osu- Accra.

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