The church has stated that despite the effort by the church and the evidence of the fulfillment of prophecies and the signs of the end time, the propagation of falsehood, adulteration of the Gospel, prophetic ministry and the message of Christian prosperity continue to gain grounds in Christendom.

This, coupled with the increase in wickedness, greediness, selfishness, lies, backbiting, and unfaithfulness among so-called Christians has caused the love of many believers to grow cold. On this background, the Mango-Lane Prayer Centre of the Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI) headed by Rev. Amos Opare has commissioned it members to propagate the end-time message to remind believers of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ—that the end time is now and with the view to make disciples for Christ by re-echoing the message of salvation for all.

The church, in that spirit of direction, has vowed to leave no stone unturned as they storm every part of the country to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ. The church on Saturday, April 6 officially launched the nationwide crusade that will hold two crusades tentatively in separate regions under the theme, “King Jesus Crusade. ”The mega crusade will be held at Agbogba Park in Greater Accra from 10th-13th April 2019 and Eastern Region in August/September.

The church has secured the top of the range set of instruments and equipment worth US$200,000 as part of preparations towards the event.

Delivering the summon on the message titled, “Fulfilling The Mission of Christ,” Apostle Dr. S.K Amoani, immediate past Chairman of CACI said the church nowadays has failed religiously in fulfilling Christ mission. According to him, the mandate of the church is to project Christ to the world and deliver people from deep sin.

“Our mandate is to reach out to the lost and fulfill His mission because Christ came to save the lost not the righteous. As we launch this crusade, you must go to the world and deliver people from evil practice and their sinful nature by preaching the right message to them,” he stated. He urges members to pray fervently for spiritual guidance and the strength to subdue the enemy anytime they set forth to propagate the gospel to people. The Apostle Amoani urge members not to be ashamed to proclaim the name of the Lord but develop a strong passion for the word.

“You must not be ashamed to propagate and proclaim the word. The word is powerful for salvation and righteousness. God has assigned you to fulfill the mission of Christ, be strong and passionate,” he stressed. He admonishes the youth in the church to use their talents and divine gift to project Christ to the world. Apostle urges believers and non-believers to reconcile with their maker in order to find the right place in the Lord as the end-time approaches.