Children are a priceless legacy to the world. Again, children are precious in the sight of God to the extent that each child has a guiding angel in all generations. The Bible also says “the fruit of the womb is God’s reward”, Psalm 127:3. This means a fetus (child) in the womb of a woman is God’s gift to a couple. A child or children, therefore, are not hindrances. Rather children are a heritage. 

It is interesting to have a child or children because the Lord gives parents children in a way to train them to develop in character. Having little children puts a check on your behaviour. It obliterates parents’ selfishness. That means we can no longer do what we want how we want when we want. For there is a whole world of considerations. Truly when you have children you cannot live for yourself. We do not live for our own ease, pleasures and pursuits. Children, indeed, are a rich heritage to the Church and mankind. 


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