Christ Apostolic Church Int. Launches Nationwide Crusade

Christ Apostolic Church Int. Launches Nationwide Crusade

The church has stated that despite the effort by the church and the evidence of the fulfillment of prophecies and the signs of the end time, the propagation of falsehood, adulteration of the Gospel, prophetic ministry and the message of Christian prosperity continue to gain grounds in Christendom.

This, coupled with the increase in wickedness, greediness, selfishness, lies, backbiting, and unfaithfulness among so-called Christians has caused the love of many believers to grow cold. On this background, the Mango-Lane Prayer Centre of the Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI) headed by Rev. Amos Opare has commissioned it members to propagate the end-time message to remind believers of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ—that the end time is now and with the view to make disciples for Christ by re-echoing the message of salvation for all.

The church, in that spirit of direction, has vowed to leave no stone unturned as they storm every part of the country to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ. The church on Saturday, April 6 officially launched the nationwide crusade that will hold two crusades tentatively in separate regions under the theme, “King Jesus Crusade. ”The mega crusade will be held at Agbogba Park in Greater Accra from 10th-13th April 2019 and Eastern Region in August/September.

The church has secured the top of the range set of instruments and equipment worth US$200,000 as part of preparations towards the event.

Delivering the summon on the message titled, “Fulfilling The Mission of Christ,” Apostle Dr. S.K Amoani, immediate past Chairman of CACI said the church nowadays has failed religiously in fulfilling Christ mission. According to him, the mandate of the church is to project Christ to the world and deliver people from deep sin.

“Our mandate is to reach out to the lost and fulfill His mission because Christ came to save the lost not the righteous. As we launch this crusade, you must go to the world and deliver people from evil practice and their sinful nature by preaching the right message to them,” he stated. He urges members to pray fervently for spiritual guidance and the strength to subdue the enemy anytime they set forth to propagate the gospel to people. The Apostle Amoani urge members not to be ashamed to proclaim the name of the Lord but develop a strong passion for the word.

“You must not be ashamed to propagate and proclaim the word. The word is powerful for salvation and righteousness. God has assigned you to fulfill the mission of Christ, be strong and passionate,” he stressed. He admonishes the youth in the church to use their talents and divine gift to project Christ to the world. Apostle urges believers and non-believers to reconcile with their maker in order to find the right place in the Lord as the end-time approaches.

Bring back the Fear of the Lord to the Church

Bring back the Fear of the Lord to the Church

Apostle Enoch Osafo, the Field Director of the Christ Apostolic Church International (C.A.C.I), on the Good Friday, admonished pastors to preach the message of the Cross without fear or favour to return the Fear of the Lord to the Church. He said the Church had become sick and vulnerable today because pastors had abandoned the Message of the Cross for prosperity and motivational messages, thus making Christians stunted in their spiritual growth, with some having their conscience seared by corruption.

The Message of the Cross, he explained, is about repentance and salvation; transformation of mind from worldly things to eternal values; godliness with contentment; forgiveness and reconciliation; witnessing to the lost; showing love for one another; long-suffering and endurance, among other things.

Apostle Osafo was delivering the sermon at the Easter Convention of the Nii-Okaiman Area of the C.A.C.I. The five-day Convention, which started on Thursday, is under the theme: “Occupy Till I Come,” which is based on the Fruitfulness of the Christian, with reference to Luke 19:13.

The Field Director said because the Message of the Cross was hardly preached, the life of Christ was not manifested in the lives of many Christians, therefore, the normalization of secularism and immorality was replacing the Fear of the Lord in the Church. “Today, pastors prepare members to become candidates to receive visas and jobs, instead of preparing them for soul winning and heavenly citizenship,” he said.

“They boast about their vehicles and other worldly possessions, their eloquence with the word, their ability to prophesy and other vain things because their hearts are not circumcised.” “What is even worse is that the sons of magicians have taken over the pulpit and are performing all kinds of magical acts, such as giving of lotto numbers, sharing money and engaging in fortune telling”.

“Christians have become slaves to these false prophets because the message is preached as if persecution is not part of Christianity, but I tell you that the Message of the Cross makes it evident that the persecutions would come to the Christian but God would deliver the righteous from all of them.”

Apostle Osafo, therefore, urged Christians to fervently study the word of God and be diligent in prayer so that they would be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to witness to others with authority, heal the sick, raise the dead and ultimately inherit the Kingdom of God. The sermon was interspersed with thematic songs and closed with prayers to revive the Church. Evangelist Diana Asamoah, a member of the CACI, treated the gathering to some of the songs on her latest album.

Beware of False Prophets and Their Doctrines

Beware of False Prophets and Their Doctrines

Apostle George Yeboah, on Sunday, asked Christians to be cautious of false prophets and their weird doctrines in order not to be led astray. He noted that some false prophets had taken over media platforms and were impacting their strange doctrines. It, therefore, behooved the Christian to study the word of God to remain focused on fulfilling the Great Commission of saving lost souls for God.

Apostle Yeboah was speaking at the Madina Zone of the CACI Easter Convention, under the theme: “Occupy Till I Come.”He said these prophets were learning to justify their lies as they ‘turned upside down’ the truth in the bible. “But for us to protect the truth and proclaim it, we need to study to show ourselves approved”. He further stated that some Christians have accrued all the things they needed on earth, but had declined to own a bible, which was the manual of their lives.

It is, however, important for a Christian to own a hard copy of the Bible, in addition to a downloaded Bible app so that he could readily access the Great Book at all times for study and evangelism. Chairman entreated Christians who worked in the secular world to spend, at least an hour weekly, to evangelize to lost souls in their respective fields. He noted, saying that the world’s solution was in accepting Jesus Christ as the son of God.

“If churches in Ghana would embark on evangelism, violence would reduce and there would be more peace in the country”. Addressing the theme of the Convention, he said, God would withdraw his gifts and talents from beneficiaries who would not utilize them. He urged the church leaders to consider all persons as important especially, the vulnerable and the weak. Apostle Yeboah later led the church to pray for the nation.

We will Partner Government to Empower the Youth

We will Partner Government to Empower the Youth

Apostle George Yeboah (Chairman), has pledged the church’s continuous partnership with the government to empower the youth and women so they could contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic development of the nation. According to him, a majority of the church members are youth and women, therefore for the nation to experience meaningful growth, his leadership would focus on empowering them to contribute their quota to the overall development of the nation.

Delivering his speech at the induction service which saw him at the Chairmanship position of the church, he noted that, his leadership would ensure social justice and equity for all as part of their contribution to make the world a better place.

Strong Front

Touching on unity, Apostle Yeboah indicated that, he would work with his leadership to deepen the bond of unity that already exists in the Church and the country. “I, therefore, call upon all of you to play a role in creating a strong front that will promote peace to the glory of God,” he urged. Quoting from the Bible, he said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”, therefore as Christians and Ghanaians, the need has come to work together in peace to promote development in the country.

In pursuance of the spirit-filled lifestyle, the Chairman pointed out that, CACI as a classical Pentecostal denomination upholds holiness to God as a core value. Apostle Yeboah noted they would work hard to eradicate sin and corruption because “we have a responsibility to let our light shine for all men to see”. He said his leadership would place emphasis on holy living among ministers and church members since Christians are the light and salt on the earth.


CACI  Elects New Executive Council Members

CACI Elects New Executive Council Members

The Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI) has elected a seven member-Executive Council with Apostle George Yeboah as Chairman to steer the affairs of the Church, for the next four years. The election climaxed the 62nd Annual Ministerial and General Council Meeting of the Church, held in Accra.

Apostle Yeboah, who becomes the eighth leader of the first Pentecostal movement in Ghana, holds a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counselling and a former Territorial Apostle of the Accra East Territory of the church.

Executive Council

With him to run affairs are, the Reverend Samuel Amponsah Frimpong, General-Secretary, Apostle Enoch Osafo, Field Director, Rev. Samuel Addai Kusi, Missions Director, Apostle Prosper Agbaglo Dogbey, Evangelism Director, Apostle Joseph Arhin, Christian Education Director and Apostle George Morklah, is the Prophetic Director. The Council meeting is held to deliberate matters of the Church and seek the face of God for its growth, the prosperity, and peace of the nation, wisdom and direction for the national leaders and the wellbeing of all citizens.

This year’s meeting was held under the theme: ‘Stewards in Nation Building” drawn from the Church’s 2019 theme: ‘Fulfilling the Requirement of a Steward’ as directed in 1 Corinthians 4:2.

Commend President

The Clergy, Laity, Elders, Deacons, and Deaconesses, as well as prophets across the country and abroad, joined with one accord to express their gratitude to God and initiate programmes for the growth of the church. Apostle Dr. Amoani, the outgoing Chairman, in his opening address, commended President Akufo-Addo for setting-up the Emile Short Commission to investigate the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election violence.

He condemned the rising of party tugs and militias in politics, saying their negative activities progressed gradually from the by-elections in Akwatia, Atiwa, Walensi, and Talensi, with resultant injuries and agony to innocent people. He expressed the hope that the Commission would come out with pragmatic recommendations to be followed by measures to disband and deter people from forming such groups. Apostle Amoani urged the authorities of the security agencies to address the lapses in the operations of the Police Service, especially during by-elections, to build the absolute trust of Ghanaians in their operations.

Ghanaians, he said, should protect and defend the values of the nation by not giving room to anything that would tarnish the good image of Ghana, which had become a beacon of hope and the gateway to Africa.

Plant more Churches

Apostle Yeboah, on behalf of his compatriots, urged the Clergy to be united in the body of Christ, and strive to develop the potentials of church members for the progress of the Church. He praised their predecessors for their good work in forging the Church ahead. Apostle Dr. Emmanuel O. Donkor, the General Secretary, also praised the Council members for winning more souls and planting churches for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

He asked them to continue to work hard, especially in infrastructural development, evangelism and church planting activities, human resource development, as well as empowering the governance institutions. Prayers were offered, let by Apostle Michael Nimo, a former Chairman of the Church.

CACI Donate Ambulances To Three Hospitals

CACI Donate Ambulances To Three Hospitals

The Church has presented three ambulances to three hospitals at a ceremony in Accra. They are the 37 Military Hospital in the Greater Accra, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in the Ashanti Region and the Sunyani Governmental Hospital in the Brong Ahafo Region.

The presentation was done at CACI Centenary anniversary church service held at the Black Star Square in Accra on Sunday. The occasion was also used to hand over the keys of the refurbished home to the family of the founder of the Church, late Apostle Peter Newman.

Other dedicated and hardworking leaders made up of past and present ones were presented with various gifts. Apostle Dr. Stephen K. Amoani presented keys of the ambulances to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, who was the special guest for occasion, who in turn gave same to representatives of the various hospitals.

Apostle Dr. E.O.K Donkor, General Secretary, CACI said the presentation formed part of the church’s support towards the health sector. According to Apostle Dr. Donkor, the church has been extending a helping hand to needy and deprived institutions in the country adding that the Tamale Teaching Hospital would also be given an ambulance very soon