Accra West Territorial Choir to Launch Casting Crowns

Accra West Territorial Choir to Launch Casting Crowns

The Christ Apostolic Church International – Accra West Choir together with the Territorial Administration has put together an annual Gospel event dubbed ‘Casting Crowns’.

Casting Crowns (CC) is based on the bible quote; Revelation 4:10 – 11. At Casting Crowns, we shall join hands with the angels and twenty-four Elders of heaven and worship our Lord Jesus Christ through music. All human and earthly credential shall be laid down for God to reign.

The launching of Casting Crowns is happening this Sunday, 8th September 2019, 4:00 pm prompt at the Christ Apostolic Church International, Kwashieman branch.

Ministering are Mag Narh (Main Artist), the Hellels Praise, Anointed Vessels, HP Crew and the host choir (The Accra West Choir).

Come and experience true worship, come and be blessed.

Bring back the Fear of the Lord to the Church

Bring back the Fear of the Lord to the Church

Apostle Enoch Osafo, the Field Director of the Christ Apostolic Church International (C.A.C.I), on the Good Friday, admonished pastors to preach the message of the Cross without fear or favour to return the Fear of the Lord to the Church. He said the Church had become sick and vulnerable today because pastors had abandoned the Message of the Cross for prosperity and motivational messages, thus making Christians stunted in their spiritual growth, with some having their conscience seared by corruption.

The Message of the Cross, he explained, is about repentance and salvation; transformation of mind from worldly things to eternal values; godliness with contentment; forgiveness and reconciliation; witnessing to the lost; showing love for one another; long-suffering and endurance, among other things.

Apostle Osafo was delivering the sermon at the Easter Convention of the Nii-Okaiman Area of the C.A.C.I. The five-day Convention, which started on Thursday, is under the theme: “Occupy Till I Come,” which is based on the Fruitfulness of the Christian, with reference to Luke 19:13.

The Field Director said because the Message of the Cross was hardly preached, the life of Christ was not manifested in the lives of many Christians, therefore, the normalization of secularism and immorality was replacing the Fear of the Lord in the Church. “Today, pastors prepare members to become candidates to receive visas and jobs, instead of preparing them for soul winning and heavenly citizenship,” he said.

“They boast about their vehicles and other worldly possessions, their eloquence with the word, their ability to prophesy and other vain things because their hearts are not circumcised.” “What is even worse is that the sons of magicians have taken over the pulpit and are performing all kinds of magical acts, such as giving of lotto numbers, sharing money and engaging in fortune telling”.

“Christians have become slaves to these false prophets because the message is preached as if persecution is not part of Christianity, but I tell you that the Message of the Cross makes it evident that the persecutions would come to the Christian but God would deliver the righteous from all of them.”

Apostle Osafo, therefore, urged Christians to fervently study the word of God and be diligent in prayer so that they would be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to witness to others with authority, heal the sick, raise the dead and ultimately inherit the Kingdom of God. The sermon was interspersed with thematic songs and closed with prayers to revive the Church. Evangelist Diana Asamoah, a member of the CACI, treated the gathering to some of the songs on her latest album.

Beware of False Prophets and Their Doctrines

Beware of False Prophets and Their Doctrines

Apostle George Yeboah, on Sunday, asked Christians to be cautious of false prophets and their weird doctrines in order not to be led astray. He noted that some false prophets had taken over media platforms and were impacting their strange doctrines. It, therefore, behooved the Christian to study the word of God to remain focused on fulfilling the Great Commission of saving lost souls for God.

Apostle Yeboah was speaking at the Madina Zone of the CACI Easter Convention, under the theme: “Occupy Till I Come.”He said these prophets were learning to justify their lies as they ‘turned upside down’ the truth in the bible. “But for us to protect the truth and proclaim it, we need to study to show ourselves approved”. He further stated that some Christians have accrued all the things they needed on earth, but had declined to own a bible, which was the manual of their lives.

It is, however, important for a Christian to own a hard copy of the Bible, in addition to a downloaded Bible app so that he could readily access the Great Book at all times for study and evangelism. Chairman entreated Christians who worked in the secular world to spend, at least an hour weekly, to evangelize to lost souls in their respective fields. He noted, saying that the world’s solution was in accepting Jesus Christ as the son of God.

“If churches in Ghana would embark on evangelism, violence would reduce and there would be more peace in the country”. Addressing the theme of the Convention, he said, God would withdraw his gifts and talents from beneficiaries who would not utilize them. He urged the church leaders to consider all persons as important especially, the vulnerable and the weak. Apostle Yeboah later led the church to pray for the nation.