“Let no man despise your youth; but be an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12)

Timothy was a pastor in his youth; he was facing challenges with his administration, and he consulted Apostle Paul about the situation (1 Timothy 4:11).

Timothy was a youth groomed by Apostle Paul to work for Christ Jesus. Apparently, he was being despised because of his youthfulness, so Apostle Paul had to exhort him.

Beloved, are you also being despised as a Christian because of your youthfulness and zealousness for Christ?

  1. Don’t fight your accusers
  2. Enhance yourself in the Word of God;
  3. Let the virtue of Christ be seen in your conversation,
  4. Be kind to those who are despising you,
  5. Be fervent in spirit and in faith, and
  6. Demonstrate a life of holiness

Beloved, it won’t be easy, but when your accusers always see these good virtues in you, they will be put to shame and your life will be a testimony to many—even your accusers (1 Timothy 6:12).

After Jesus Christ had resurrected from the dead, even some of his accusers believed in Him.

Prayer Point:

Dear Father, thank You for today’s message. Please lead and guide me to exhibit Your Word in my speech, charity, faith, spirit, and purity—for many people to emulate and be blessed in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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